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Jess Archer is a woman on the run. It’s just her and her dog and a hundred thousand dollars in stolen drug money heading to Texas and her brother for help. When she learns he’s out of the country for a week, she has to find a place to hide out and finds herself in Satisfaction, Texas, where she meets rancher Murphy Smith and blacksmith Cole Reacher who introduce her to the joys of a ménage.

Their happiness is short-lived, however, when her ex, Detective Lance Dent, tracks her down looking for the money and her drug sniffing dog that he’s promised to sell to a drug cartel. If he doesn’t deliver, he knows he’s a dead man, so he’ll do anything to achieve his ends.

Things go from bad to worse when Lance decides to sell Jess, too, and it’s up to Murphy and Cole to rescue her.

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He was reaching for his wallet when the saloon door opened and someone he didn’t recognize walked in. At first, she was silhouetted by the setting sun behind her and he could only see her outline, which was both petite and curvy. When she stepped further in and let the traditional swinging saloon doors close behind her, he could finally see her face.

She had long sandy-brown, almost but not quite blonde, hair pulled back into a careless ponytail, with strands coming free and framing her face. She had huge eyes that, even from where he sat, he could tell were a vivid blue.

He had told Cole that when they met the right woman, they’d know it. He had grown up on the story of how his grandfathers had fallen in love with grandma Rose at first sight. Cole thought he was crazy, but he knew that it would happen someday. Murphy had always prayed that when it did, Cole would fall hard, too.

He got down off the barstool and stood looking at the vision in jeans facing him. She was beautiful, to him. Maybe some might call her cute or call her plump, but he just wanted to call her his.

He started to move towards her when he saw the big dog slink in under the saloon door. It wasn’t one he recognized, but it walked right over to Dace and sat politely beside him for a moment before placing a paw on his knee.

Murphy laughed out loud as Dace jumped and dropped his burger and the dog calmly wolfed it down.

“What the—” Dace thundered, but then another voice interrupted.

“What do you think you are doing?” She hurried over to Dace. “I am so sorry, officer. I’d be happy to pay for your dinner and buy you a replacement. He didn’t mean any harm. I came in here to ask for directions and…I’m sorry.”

Murphy could hear the misery and pleading in her voice, which confused him. Sure, her dog had stolen a burger, but the level of her agitation seemed to exceed the offence. He felt a presence and turned to see Cole also staring at the scene. He hadn’t noticed that his friend had returned from the restroom. Hell, he hadn’t noticed much of anything since she walked in, except for the burger theft.

He decided it was time to head over to the table, but Micah got there first. He saw the three of them talking and he watched as she opened her purse. Dace laughed and then Micah said something and they all laughed.   Then she was shaking hands with the two men, presumably having introduced herself.  Dammit, they were touching her.  It was just her hand, but they were touching her!

He hurried over, determined to make sure Dace and Micah didn’t steal her away. Like him and Cole, Dace and Micah shared women and were looking for the one, but he was going to warn them away from… He realized that he didn’t even know her name. He strode forward, determined to rectify that. He could see that Cole was walking with him and paused.

“It’s her. Isn’t it? She’s the one we’ve been waiting for.”

“Yes she is, buddy. Yes she is.”

Just as he got close, he noticed that the dog had taken opportunity of everyone’s distraction to climb up onto the seat of the bench and was finishing Dace’s fries.



Diane Leyne has always loved to read and finally turned her hand to writing in last 2012, publishing her first story with Siren in February 2013.  She also loves travel and photography.  She’s currently working on her newest Siren series, Satisfaction Texas.  Book 1, Finding Satisfaction, released January 20th and book 2, Demanding Satisfaction, will release February 17th.



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Interview with Holly Hewson

HH: Diane, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Finding Satisfaction and the first book in your Satisfaction series. What can you first tell us about this amazing series?

DL: Thanks Holly.  Happy to be here.  I am really excited about the new series.  Satisfaction Texas is based, as you might have guessed, in the fictional town of Satisfaction where Menage is far from unusual.  There is also a lot of intrigue in the series, which is something fairly new for me.

HH:  How does Finding Satisfaction kick it off?

DL: Finding Satisfaction introduces us to the town of Satisfaction when Jess decides to hide out there while waiting for her brother to return to the US.  As she learns about the town, so does the reader.  Jess never intended to visit the town.  But she’s on the run with her dog and a hundred thousand dollars of stolen drug money and her dirty cop ex hot on her heals.  I think it is an exciting start to the series.

HH: What do you like about Jess and why will readers identify with her?

DL: I like the way Jess is a strong woman who cares about doing the right thing.  She also loves her dog.  It would have been so easy to give him to her ex, but she ran instead, knowing that the man was untrustworthy.  By the way, it takes a while before she finds out just how untrustworthy he is which puts her life in danger.

HH: What do you like best about Murphy and Cole and why will readers love them?

DL: I like their humor and the fact  that theirs is a long term friendship.  They love Jess, but in their own non-sexual way, they love each other too.  Also, they are smoking hot.

HH: What can you tell us about the books to come in this series?

DL: Book 2, Demanding Satisfaction will be released February 17th (on presale Feb 6th) and tells Jules’ story.

Rejected by the man she has loved since she was a teenager, Jules Durrance decides it’s finally time to move on.  She finds herself intrigued and attracted to newcomer Quin Redekker.  When her best friend, vet, Doc Blake Adams expresses his own interest, she decides to date both of them.

Torn between the two men, she decides to take a chance and makes the bold choice of suggesting a ménage.  She is shocked and thrilled when they agree.

But there’s more going on in Satisfaction than meets the eye.  A neighbor has suffered a series of accidents that may not have been accidental, Quin may not be what he seems and Blake definitely knows more than he’s admitting to.

When her first love comes back looking for a second chance, Jules is torn, but when her life is in danger, only true love can save her.

Book 3, Uncovering Satisfaction, will be released March 17th (on presale Mar 6th) and tells Nicola’s story.

Nicola “Nick” Marlow is an agent on leave after a devastating ending to her last undercover assignment when a friend asks her to come to Satisfaction to get to the bottom of a series of incidents that may just close the Whips and Spurs forever.

Micah Durrance owns the public saloon / private BDSM club and is getting desperate.  His best friend, Sheriff Dace Lowe, is stumped too and when a friend recommends “Nick” Marlow as a top notch investigator they both jump at his offer.

Micah and Dace are surprised when Nick turns out to be female, and shocked when she decides that the best way to go undercover is to become their sub for real.  Feelings escalate quickly as do the incidents as Nicola is now a target.  And what happens when it’s all over?  Is it just pretend or is someone’s heart going to be broken when this is all over?

HH: What have you enjoyed so far about writing this series?

DL: Writing intrigue.  It makes for a much different plotting dynamic and I think it really adds something to the stories.  I’ve also enjoyed developing the secondary characters who may eventually get their own books.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

DL: I’m going to be continuing the Call of the Wolf series as well as at least 2 more Satisfaction Texas stories.  I’m currently working on Ellie’s story.

HH: What are you reading now?

DL: John Standford’s Storm Prey and Candace Blevin’s Safeword Rainbow:  The expanded edition

HH: Where can readers find you online?

DL: Readers can find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dianeleynebooks or at my blog:  www.dianeleynebooks

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