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Thrown together by the mating of Drusus and Avelina, Severus Faal and Cassie Wells find themselves drawn into a world of corporate espionage when Cassie catches a co-worker planting monitoring devices at her law office. Cassie’s drive to uncover the reason for the infiltration immediately engages Severus’s protective instincts to keep her safe. As they work together to solve this mystery, they begin a journey of self-discovery that raises old ghosts and salts unhealed wounds.

Since Severus refuses to wear his mating necklace, as is custom of the Insedi male, he relies on instinct and readily dismisses signs that Cassie has triggered his mating cycle. While Cassie has a fearless outer shell, her core is full of shadows and indecision. A troubled childhood stagnates her ability to open her heart and experience a love that could span a millennium.

Book 2 in the FUELED BY LUST series delivers heart-wrenching romance, intrigue, hot alpha-males, passion, and scorching, knee-wobbling sex.

A Siren Erotic Romance

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The author would like to mention the cover model and photographer:
Model: Cisco – Entertainer at Rock Hard Revue – Orlando, FL
Facebook: Cisco Male Entertainer
Photographer: David Greenhouse www.davidgreenhouse.com
Owner of Rock Hard Revue – Orlando, FL



He breathed in heavily and promptly gave up on controlling his dick. It had caught a whiff and was now throbbing relentlessly against his stomach. It was the light touch against his arm that caused a low moan to escape his lips. Cassie’s whispered word trailed along his skin like a soft kiss. He was lost.


He gritted his teeth, heart thundering in his chest. “Yes, baby?”

“You can tell me to shut up, even kick me out of your room and I won’t get mad. But, I have to ask you something. Okay?”

Severus swallowed hard, afraid to hear but afraid not to ask. “Anything, sweetness. Ask me anything.”

“Will you…can I…I want to be with you. I want to touch you. I need you, Severus. Will you…”

Severus had heard enough. He rolled her over in a twist of sheets and legs and captured her mouth with his.

He groaned when he felt Cassie melt into his arms and wrap her fingers in his hair. He knew he was clutching her too tightly and willed his arms to relax. He moved his hand up to her jawline and angled her for a deeper kiss. She tasted so damn good. Her soft tongue caressed against his before she clamped her lips around his tongue and began to suck. He almost came in his boxers just from the thought of her sucking on any part of his body. He remembered his vision of her lips wrapped around his cock and the trust she had shown in her honey-brown eyes. He pulled back from her mouth before he lost it completely. He softly nipped her lower lip before trailing his mouth down the side of her cheek and latching onto her earlobe. He ran his tongue along the curve and breathed heavily into her ear. “Yes. Yes. I want you, too. Anything, sweetness. Just tell me what you want.”

He felt her shiver and moan at his words. Her nails dug into his sides and she undulated against his belly. He felt chills run across his skin from the sensual reaction.

“Severus, please. I want you inside me. I need you inside me. I don’t want it slow. I want you to take me.”

He growled against the side of her neck and pushed his groin against her thigh. “Do you feel that? I’m going to give you exactly what you want, baby. Do you want me to put on a condom? Tell me quickly or I’m going to take you bare. I’ve never taken a woman bare, but I want you that way. I’m clean, baby. Tell me. Tell me now or I’ll decide for us.” He was having a hard time focusing on her words, but he slowed long enough to grasp the meaning between her panted breaths.

“I’m on the pill…always used condoms…clean, too. Yes…oh god yes. I trust you. Hurry.”

That was all he needed to take control. He rolled to the side and caught his boxers at the waist and pushed them off his body. He was upright and kneeling between her legs in the next breath. He had no other thoughts but to get inside of his mate. To mark her. To own her. To love her. He grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and quickly yanked it up her body and over her head. He thought himself insane for pausing long enough to grin at the faded letters spelling “Pantera” across the front. He tossed the shirt to the side and looked down at her as he pulled her legs up to wrap around his hips.

Her arms were still up over her head and lax against the pillows, her hair swept to the side, a bright glow against the darkness of his sheets. Her eyes were narrowed and she was biting on the edge of her lower lip as she stared at his cock bobbing and bouncing against his stomach before flipping those amber orbs back up to him. Gods damn she was beautiful.

Her breasts were two perfect mounds of gorgeous perched on her chest. Her skin was golden and her nipples a light coral shade. The nipples stood erect and his mouth watered for a taste. Later. Yes. He would spend an inordinate amount of time getting to know them later. Right now he wanted in her and he wanted it now. His gaze continued down her body. She had a small waist that flared to nicely rounded hips. Her belly was flat and she had a tiny bellybutton that he wanted to stick his tongue in. He shook his head and took in the black lace thong running a sleek line from her hips to her crotch, making her legs look long and lean. He reached forward and clamped his hand in the material. He looked up into her gorgeous, golden eyes and ripped the material from her body.

Cassie cried out his name as her back arched up from the bed, tilting her hips just right to where her hot, wet, folds slid along the underside of his cock. He bowed over her and spoke her name in a low rumble. He knew he was on the razor’s edge as he watched his mating necklace bump and slide across her heaving breasts.

He palmed her hairless mound before sliding his hand downward and slipping two fingers inside. He slowly worked the fingers in and out before pulling them out and up to circle her clit. “You’re ready for me, baby. Sopping wet and ready for me.” He pushed the two slickened fingers into his mouth and tasted ambrosia. She even tasted like orange blossoms. “Delicious.”



I was born and raised in a small town between Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin. Wanting to see more than my small Texas town, I joined the Marines, which satisfied my craving to see more of the U.S. and drive to see if I could be one of the few and the proud.

A firm believer in educating the mind, I have achieved several advanced degrees, the latest being a Master’s of Science.

My true love is writing erotic romance, especially about alien hunks that know how to treat their females.

Drusus, Severus, Cato, Petrus, Maxim, Caelius, and many more have swirled in my dreams until I had to bring them to life and allow them to find love within the pages of the FUELED BY LUST book series.

My website: http://www.celesteprater-romanceauthor.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Celeste-Prater-Erotic-Romance-Author/181230038723758
Twitter: @c_prater_author


Also by Celeste Prater


Great characters and story! Once I started, I couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait for the next one!

My Earnest Reviews – Reader Debbie Taylor - 5 Stars

Loved the characters. The story kept me engaged until I had to finish. I was an addict until I got my fix. Hope to read more from this author. Great book! I believe this is a must read.

My Earnest Reviews – Reader 513298 - 5 Stars

I loved this book! From the first lines in chapter 1 and all the way to the end, the author pulled me into the book and kept me there. The sex scenes were off the chart and well written. Even if you pulled them completely out, there was a solid story and loveable characters.

I believed in Drusus and Lina’s build up to total love at the end. The bad guy was awesome and you kept a love/hate relationship with him throughout. He was totally messed up. The secondary characters were a great addition and I’d love to know what happens  to them. Hope to see more from this author.

GoodReads – Reader D LovesBooks - 5 Stars

I have read my share of books. I have noticed that if the first 3 pages don’t keep my interest.. then i will not continue reading. This book had me hooked from the first sentence! The story, the characters, the detail. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. I have read this book twice already! I’m super excited for the sequel! It can only get better! <3 I’m officially a Lusthard!

GoodReads – Reader Booklover1592- 5 Stars

I really enjoyed reading this book and I found myself racing to find out what happened next!! I’m excited and can’t wait for the next one to come out!

GoodReads – Reader Erica – 5 Stars

Nice sci fi romance, no mucking around Drusus likes her and let’s Aveline know right away. Looking forward to the rest of the series, hopefully Drusus’s dad also finds someone to love again. Not rocket science but kinda loving and romantic.

Amazon UK (New Zealand) – Reader HellBaby –  4 Stars


Interview with Holly Hewson

HH:  Celeste, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Severus and the second book in your Fueled by Lust series. What can you first tell us about this amazing series?

CP: I actually dreamed about the Insedivertus race and knew it would take more than one book to get it all out. Their faces and personalities are so unique, it’s almost like they’re real and feeding their story to me.

The Insedi are in a war with another planet and its mad king, Basilius, was successful in wiping out all the females, so they’ve been forced back to the home of their ancestral lineage in hopes of continuing their species. Insedi are half human/half pure energy and cannot stabilize their core until they mate. They’re not looking for baby making machines, but in essence, the other half of themselves.

Insedi have a symbiotic relationship with their planet and it’s quite intriguing how that works. Neither can live without the other. It’s within the first book that you learn the unique way that the Insedi are able to duplicate the type of life energy on Earth that they require to live.

This is not a series about flying saucers descending to Earth and running off with the females. The guys go through some of the same issues faced by Earth males in regards to everyday business and relationships. The way they are linked to Earth will surprise you, just as it did me. Many will think I’m nuts, but it’s amazing how easy it is to write what happens to them all. I’ll be barely into one book and another character’s story is begging to get out. I can’t wait to see where they all end up.

HH:  What can you tell us about the first book?

CP: Book 1 is Drusus and Lina’s story. Drusus is the Insedivertus prince sent to Earth to establish a way for the Insedi male’s to find mates without garnering attention from the authorities. He’s very focused and driven. When Drusus meets Avelina, it throws a cog into Basilius’s plans to destroy the Insedi race and he sets his sights on destroying them both.

Their love story is fast and furious and the sex scenes are off the charts, but wrapped with love. It will surprise you where they meet. Drusus doesn’t mess around when he sets his sights on Lina. He’s been hurt in the past and it almost messes up his chance with her. Lina is a total sweetheart. She’s had some great sadness in her life and it will pull at your heartstrings. She’s also not your typical model thin, gorgeous heroine. She’s battles her weight, but knows full well it doesn’t measure her as a person or thwart her opportunities. You’ll see more of them throughout the other books.

Check out GoodReads for some awesome reviews. It also made it into the Top 10 bestseller ranking for male/female category on BookStrand.com.

HH:   How does Severus continue it?

CP: Severus is Drusus’s head royal bodyguard. He’s been with Drusus his entire life. Severus helps him when the drama of Book 1 engages. There’s an employer/friend relationship between the two that is revealed even more in Book 2 when Drusus gets to return the favor. You’ll see some hints of Severus’s angst in Book 1 and the full bore of it in Book 2.

HH: What do you like about Cassie and why will readers identify with her?

CP: As much as I love Lina, Cassie has to be my favorite. She had an even rougher life than Lina (which is how they met), and she doesn’t hold back on her thoughts. In fact, Lina tells her that she has absolutely no filter between her brain and her mouth. Cassie has this hard outer shell, but you’ll see in Book 2 that her insides are filled with shadows and indecision.

Cassie has a lot of inner dialogue that will make you instantly aware of how the mind can cope with abnormal circumstances at a young age. When you learn of her past relationship with her parents, the reader will readily identify with how it would be difficult for her to let her guard down and trust that Severus is the real deal.

HH: What do you like best about Severus and why will readers love him?

CP: He is a mixture between a suave, sophisticated man of the world and a total panty-melting bad boy. I’ll quote Cassie here so you’ll understand what she sees:

“Granted, he was one tough-looking son of a bitch and rocked the shit out of a pair of faded jeans, yet he could dress like a Fortune 500 CEO and had the demeanor to pull it off. He wore his regal confidence like a second skin, as if born to it. “

Severus appears very calm and reassured on the outside, but he’s constantly assessing his feelings and trying to figure out what’s going on with himself. He doesn’t like dealing with the emotions that bombard him, so he has a tendency to deny what’s right in front of his face. This is why he and Cassie fit so well together. They both share an inner turmoil and go down the path of self-discovery together because of their intense attraction.

HH: Will there be more to come in this series?

CP: Oh yes, most definitely. I plan to keep writing this series until everyone’s story’s been told, or the readers tell me to hang it up. I’m working on Book 3, Cato’s story, right now and it’s 90% complete. You meet Cato in Book 1 as the Harley riding, tattooed, and pierced computer genius that the Earth bound Insedi’s rely on for information. He plays a larger role in Book 2 as he assists Severus and Cassie in the mystery at her office. In Book 3, you get to see the ‘gooey inside’ that Cassie accuses him of having. You’re going to fall in love with him.

After that, I think I’m going to ask the readers if they want me to let Maxim or Caelius tell their stories next.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

CP: I plan on doing another book giveaway (through TRS, of course) for Book 1 and 2. Probably a week or so after Book 2 is released. Other than that, just continuing the series and making attempts to get the readers engaged in what they want to see next.

HH:  What are you reading now?

CP: The luxury of reading got swept away in August 2013 when Siren Publishing picked up my book and I started writing every weekend, after work, and on lunch hours. I forgot what it’s like to sit down and enjoy a good mindless romp through someone else’s world. I can tell you what I used to read. Absolutely love J.R. Ward. My guys aren’t totally tore up and ruined (which she does extremely well), but they’ll make you grab a tissue sometimes. Laurell K. Hamilton is totally my kind of woman. Love the tough cookies. She’s extremely personable. Check her out on twitter. She’s cool.

HH:  What appearances do you have coming up in 2014?

CP: I wish I could bust out an itinerary and say I’ll be jetting from here to there, but no can do. I’m a new writer so I’ve got to get a little more known for any of that cool stuff to start happening. I do plan to contact Barnes and Noble in my hometown and see if they’ll be interesting in having me do a stop by, and hopefully, a signing of Book 1 when it comes out in paperback in March 2014.

HH: Where can readers find you online?

CP: My website is: www.celesteprater-romanceauthor.com

There are links to my twitter account (@c_prater_author and Facebook for Celeste Prater – Erotic Romance Author). I like engaging with my readers so you’re not going to find lame “How are you today” messages. They can ask me anything and I’ll definitely respond. An author is nothing without their readers.

And most importantly, I would also like to provide some background on the model and photographer that brought Severus to life on the cover.

Just like Severus, Cisco is absolutely gorgeous on the outside and full of gooey sweetness on the inside. I couldn’t have picked a better man to help me tell the story. You can find Cisco on Facebook under Cisco Male Entertainer or https://www.facebook.com/RockHardRevue. He has a smile that will instantly make you happy for having seen it and you can’t help but fall in love with him.

The man behind the fantastic pose, is David Greenhouse (definitely a looker himself). He’s the owner of Rock Hard Revue out of Orlando, Florida and also a well-known Orlando entertainment photographer. He was also the choreographer/director/photographer for the Chippendales out of Las Vegas. Find him at www.davidgreenhouse.com

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