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My Only Desire, a Western Historical Romance by Andrea Parnell has it all, action, adventure and an unlikely love story.  Ms. Parnell is the award winning author of ten novels which have had a frequent presence on Amazon’s bestseller lists.  My Only Desire is one of a trio of Guns and Garters Western Romance novels from Ms. Parnell in which she skillfully weaves suspense and romance into tales featuring  atypical women of the west who turn calamity into triumph and live life on their own terms.

My Only Desire features one such woman. After tragedy blows Sunny Harlowe’s world apart, she leaves her old life behind, straps on a six-shooter and becomes the most notorious bounty hunter in California—a gun-toting, flashing-eyed beauty who can out-shoot and out-ride any man…even a seductive silken-tongued rogue like Price Ramsey. Never mind that he’s the handsomest devil this side of the Rockies—Sunny has been hired to bring him in…dead or alive!

Rugged, rough-and-ready Price Ramsey has always had his way with the fairer sex…until he crosses paths with Sunny Harlowe. As her prisoner on a wild and rollicking run across the west, Price lives for only two things: his freedom, and Sunny hot and eager in his bed. What he gets is a woman of stormy, sizzling desires—and a love that is bigger than both of them.

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Reviews for My Only Desire

“A red-hot, rip-roaring, action packed Western Romance. Delightful.” –Nan Ryan

“My Only Desire has it all-action, adventure, and a wonderful love story.” –Anita Mills

“Andrea Parnell is a superb writer.” –Romantic Times



“Why, ma’am, you took me by surprise,” he said, his eyes briefly skimming the room. How had she come in? He couldn’t keep the puzzlement out of his voice. “Surely you haven’t been here all along.”

“Forgive me.” She lifted a downcast head so that the wide brim of her lacquered straw hat framed rather than hid her features.

“Mrs. Whaley was kind enough to let me through the servant’s door. I am terribly late, I’m afraid.”

The explanation was mostly lost on him. One look at her face banished all interest in how she had come upon him undetected.

“It’s you.” He’d seen her face in his dreams, longed for her in his imagination; and here, without warning, she was standing before him. His voice was hoarse, strained, a rare occurrence for Price Ramsey. He was one of those people who seldom missed a cue, even an unexpected one, but there he was with as big a lump in his throat as a schoolboy doing his first sparking. He swallowed hard, felt cheeks which had never known a blush warming. He’d hoped but not believed it would be she. “It is you,” he repeated, almost in a whisper. “The lady in red.”

“You remember me then.” Soundlessly, she moved nearer the table.

“Remember you?” His eyes locked on hers. They were the deep, cool color of jade, and yet they brought a feel of heat to his body.

He felt the need to shed his coat and loosen the string tie at his collar or be overcome by the sudden blaze flashing through him, his own heat. Instead, he stood still and silent, burning from within, as entranced with her as he’d been each time he’d seen her from afar. Not until a restless movement of her gloved hands broke the spell did he recall they stood conspicuously in the center of the room. Hurriedly, he motioned her toward a chair and helped her be seated. Activity restored his tongue. “I’d say you’re the most unforgettable woman I’ve ever encountered.”

“Truly?” Eyes steadfastly on his face, she folded her hands in her lap. She seemed amused or so he believed as he observed a brief smile lift her lips.

Price slid into his chair, still in awe that it was the elusive woman in red who shared a table with him. He hardly knew where to begin.

“Truly,” he said, taking her smile as one of encouragement. It had the effect of restoring that portion of his confidence that had fled when he’d realized who she was. “Unforgettable. Bewildering,” he said, his voice evening out.

“You flatter me, Mr. Ramsey.”

“I speak an undeniable truth,” he swore. He wasn’t the sort to be stymied forever. Bewildering the lady was, but not for long. He knew women, and there wasn’t one who didn’t like talking about herself given a chance. He was about to give this one a chance. He had no obligations for the afternoon, or evening. He was hers and, if he had his way, she would be his. More than anything, he looked forward to having the mysteries solved, to knowing everything about her. That this particular woman might be an exception did not occur to him. He plunged on. “I have a good fifty questions for you, and that’s just a beginning,” he said softly, entreatingly. “First I’d like to know your name.”

Sunny had expected that to be his initial question. She had played this meeting in her mind, practiced her responses to the mirror in her hotel room. She despised liars, so she was prepared to answer honestly but without revealing either her identity or why she had come to his attention.

“My name is Augusta,” she answered, managing to sound suitably demure. “Augusta Harlowe. You may call me Gussie if you like.”

“Gussie?” He gave her a confused look. “I do not like.”

Sunny laughed softly. “Then you may call me Augusta.”

“Augusta,” Price hesitated, then rolled the name out slowly. Augusta? Gussie? What had her parents been thinking? She should have a name with more elegance, more sparkle at the least. But if Augusta it was, then he’d make the best of it. He was, after all, in his element now, leading a woman where he wanted her to go. His golden eyes glowed. “Never a pretty name until it was yours,” he said.

Sunny’s smile was contrived, but the spots of color which rose to her cheeks were genuine. He was as good at giving honesty a twist as was she. He did not like her name, but what he’d said was rather sweet. She’d never particularly cared for the name herself. She did not choose to relay her sentiments to Price, which was just as well since Mrs. Whaley interrupted at that moment to take their order. When the hostess was gone he was ready to move on to other matters.

“Why were you there?” he asked.

Sunny knew what he meant but had her own plans for how this meeting was to go. “Could we,” she asked, laying a finger thoughtfully against her chin, “limit the questions to just one per day?”

Price’ dark brows flicked up. He’d expected an outpouring from her, a torrent of information about who she was and why she’d followed him from town to town. Even a declaration of love would not have surprised him. What he’d gotten was the unexpected.

He considered her request and found he liked it. He laughed heartily. “I believe that would require a very long acquaintanceship.”

Sunny moistened her lips. “Perhaps.”


About the author

Andrea Parnell is the award-winning, bestselling author of My Only Desire and the Western Romances, Devil Moon and Delilah’s Flame.  Additional works include Gothic, Colonial and contemporary romances. Several of her books are set in her home state of Georgia. Andrea has received numerous awards including both the Maggie and Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice for her writing. She lives in Georgia and is the mother of fantasy author Dan McGirt. Please visit her at

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Look for future releases Guns And Garters and Wild Glory.


Interview with Holly Hewson

HH: Andrea, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is My Only Desire. Where did you get the idea for this romantic tale?

AP: The idea of a beautiful bounty hunter in the Old West appealed to me and I wanted her to be a character who wasn’t just in it for the money. My Only Desire is inspired by all the women who after experiencing great personal loss, as Sunny does, shift their energy and emotion into protecting those at risk and those whose lives were similarly touched by tragedy

HH: What do you like best about Sunny and what will readers like about her?

AP: What I like about Sunny is that she’s the daring, gutsy woman I’d like to be. She’s a    paradox, inside all warm loving woman, outside prickly and unattainable.

HH: What do you like best about Price and why will readers love him?

AP: What I like about Price is that he has a great capacity for loving. He’s a Southerner driven                   west in the aftermath of the Civil War and still not at peace with himself. Somehow, though, he’s always in control even when he seems completely at someone else’s mercy as he is with Sunny.

HH: What can you tell us about the other two books that make up a trio readers won’t want to miss?

AP: Each features atypical women of the west. Teddy Gamble, in Devil Moon, is a buckskin clad miss who runs an Arizona freight company and finds herself saddled with a fancy Frenchman as a partner. Together they are like gunpowder and flint battling each other and a common foe trying to take their business.

In Delilah’s Flame, Delilah is a notorious saloon singer with fire red hair who drives men wild with her sultry stage show while pursuing a personal mission of vengeance. She has the perfect plan until she targets the wrong man in Tabor Stanton and gets caught in her own dangerous trap of passion and desire.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

AP: Later this year I’ll be releasing Guns & Garters, a novella in which many of the characters from my three westerns share an adventure and solve a crime. Also coming soon is the Colonial romance Wild Glory, set in the Salem witch trial period in Massachusetts.

HH: What inspires you in your writing?

AP: I am inspired by the characters who show up in my head and insist on their story being told. Really, it is all about a compilation of my observations of life, the spirit of people, objects, experiences, places I’ve been or want to go, and the beauty of relationships that culminate in love. That is my inspiration.

HH: What do you enjoy when you’re not writing?

AP: Reading tops my list. I love travel and visiting museums and seeing historic architecture. Closer to home, it is growing things and having my children and the grands around.

HH: What are you reading?

AP: I am finishing up the Hunger Games series and plunging into the Divergent series. My reading list is long and calling to me.

HH: What goals have you set for yourself this year?

AP: This year my goal is to publish three books that are in the chute and finish writing two more.

HH: Where can readers find you online?

AP: Please stop by and like my Facebook page. Join me on Twitter: @andreahparnell
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