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Talon’s heart was chained by the past. He can’t forgive himself nor can he move on. The moment a submissive starts to have feelings for him he sends them away. Pepper knew this from the beginning and has made sure to hide her love for him. It is a game she has grown quite good at. She knows he would be a wonderful Master if only he could unchain his heart.

Hope was hurt by Master Talon sending her away. Master Xanthos did warn her that this would happen when he gave her the choice which Master to serve. Now she is placed with her second choice Master Zen. Her heart still aches for her first love Master Xavier. Her pride is still wounded by Master Talon’s rejection. Can she find what she is looking for with Master Zen?

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About the author

Justus has written over forty erotic romance books that range from BDSM to the paranormal. Her Master Series, which she affectionately calls her BDSM drama series has earned many wonderful reviews from readers. Her other series and single titled books have also earned many good reviews. When not writing Justus enjoys traveling, reading, creating art from just about anything, listening to music and spending time with her family.


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Interview with Holly Hewson

HH:  Justus, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Chained Heart and is part of your Masters series. Where did you get the idea for this original tale?

JR: This story followed the natural flow of the series and picked up where “Judas’ Kiss” left off.

HH: What do you like best about Pepper and what will readers like about her?

JR: I loved her inner strength and her unwavering love for Master Talon.

HH: What can you tell us about the Masters in her life?

JR: Master Talon is the one she sees as her true Master. He has the potential to be a wonderful Master if he could only forgive himself.

HH: How does this work fit into the tapestry of this marvelous series?

JR: I think it adds a new dimension to the series.  It allows the readers to not only see Master Talon, but also Master Xanthos and Master Zen in a new light.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

JR: I have just put the finishing touches on the second book in my Master of My Heart series. “A Good Man” will be released at the end of April.

And my single titled book “Toy Soldiers” will be released in July.

Plus, the next book in the Master Series  will be released in Sept.

HH: What inspires you in your writing?

JR: Music has to be my biggest inspiration.  I always have a soundtrack for each book I write.

HH: What do you enjoy when you’re not writing?

JR: I like to travel, go on walks, watch movies, read, and my newest thing is creating art from scrap materials. I also play the occasional video game.  I’m expanding my culinary skills as well.

HH: What are you reading?

JR: I’m reading “Truth” by Althea Romig. I’m loving this series this book is a part of.

HH: What goals have you set for yourself this year?

JR: I want to eat healthier. Travel more.  I want to go out of my comfort zone at least a couple times this year and try new things.

HH: Where can readers find you online?








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