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Devastated after an emotional break-up, Alexis decides to finish her fall semester and leave East Brook College and the town of East Brook forever, certain starting over in a new place will soothe her wounded heart. Her plans are derailed when her ex-lover returns wanting another chance. Despite the chemistry between them and their sensual history, should she risk her heart again for a man who told her she wasn’t good enough for him or his tribe?

Bowing to tribal pressure, Sean Yonah was forced to hurt his best friend and lover, the one woman he couldn’t get enough of. Now the Spirits say she may be his “other.” Sean knows what he did was deplorable, but if he doesn’t convince Alexis to forgive him, he’ll lose a lot more than the love of his life.

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Reviews for His Source

“The premise of this book is good,but it was a little hard for me to believe the heroine would take the hero back after the ignorant reason he dumped her. I did not like the hero at all, he never seemed sincere. I did like how the tables turned later in the book. It would be interesting to read a follow up.” – ilikereading, Amazon



“I don’t want you anymore.”

Startled, Alexis caught the glass of iced tea before it fell out of her hand and hit the floor. Alexis couldn’t believe he was doing this now, on their date night, in the middle of Thursday’s, in front of everyone. This was the first date night they’d managed to fit in for weeks. Alexis suddenly realized that wasn’t a coincidence. The bastard had started dumping her weeks ago. Taking a deep breath, reaching for strength from an unfamiliar place, she looked up into blue eyes and watched the lips that had brought her so much pleasure repeat the words.

“We can’t be together.”

Licking her lips, she began to say something, anything that would help make sense of the craziness spewing from Sean’s mouth. The word why was forming on hers when he held his hand up, stopping Alexis before she could speak.

“It’s been fun while it lasted, but I need to be with someone like me.”

His cold words stabbed my withered heart. Someone like him. So she was a freaking loser because she wasn’t Native American?


About the author

Yolanda Ashton is the alter ego of a thirty-something mother of three. Throughout daylight hours she’s an educational professional and during the nights (when she’s not daydreaming, reading and/or watching vampire drama) she’s writing, hanging with family and trying to recover from a day spent with middle school students.

My two favorite things to do in the world (outside of family) are reading and writing-I fell in love with words at an early age. I love creating worlds with them and entering new worlds designed by them. Throughout my life I’ve always felt the epitome of a great “me” day is one spent reading a book or creating one.
Things I love:
The Vampire Diaries (Damon Salvatore…need I say more)
The Originals (Loving Klaus in all his bad-ass glory)
True Blood (Vampirism at its sexiest)
Iron Chef
Pop music
Marvel Super Hero Movies
Favorite Genres to Read:
Romance (New Adult, and Paranormal)
Young Adult


Play List for “His Source”

This Woman’s Work by Maxwell
Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Love Takes Time by Mariah Carey
Wicked Game by Kris Isak
My Sacrifice by Creed
No Ordinary Love by Sade
Someone Like You by Adele


Interview with Holly Hewson

HH: Yolanda, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is His Source. What can you tell us about this amazing story?
YA: Thank you Holly for having me this month! I’m excited to be here! His Source is my first foray into self-publishing. This story is about a relationship that has to overcome a really big challenge.
HH: What do you like best about Alexis and why will readers identify with her?
YA: I like that Alexis is a regular girl who gets treated horribly and unfairly, but perseveres. Readers will like the fact that she handles the situation honestly and the best she can. They’ll also like, she decides to make positive changes in her life.
HH: What do you like best about Sean and why will readers love him?
YA: Readers probably won’t start off liking Sean. At the beginning of the story he’s an a**. Hopefully by the end of the story readers will connect with him because he does try to redeem himself.
HH: What makes this story different from any of your other works?
YA: It deals with love and racism.  So far it’s the only story I’ve written that touches this subject and how it can affect romance.
HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?
YA: I just signed a contract for my story “A Will for Love.” I think readers will enjoy this story. I’m also working on another novella that I plan to self-publish.  I’m also drafting a new adult romance story to release late this year.
HH: What goals have you set for yourself this year?
YA: My goals include self-publishing another novella and finishing a novel. I also plan on taking some writing courses to help me hone my craft.
HH: What appearances will you make this year – online or in person?
YA: I’ll be on the TRS site this year and I’m hosting a Multicultural Romance Blog-A-Thon on my site this month (May) that features great multicultural romance authors (and their works). I’m also really active on Twitter.
HH: What do you do when you aren’t writing?
YA: I read! I love to read, watch The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and True Blood (hate that it’s ending this season).  I also spend time with the kids and family.
HH: What are you reading?
YA: I just finished Duncan (from The Vampires in America series). My next book to read is The King.
HH: Where can readers find you online?
YA:  On Twitter at www.twitter.com/YolandaAshton



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