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Fun, flirty and just a little bit sexy… 

If you like romantic comedy with a sexy rich guy, an Irish heroine who mutters in Gaelic, a crazy bet, a long held secret, and lots of pets, then chances are you’ll enjoy LOVING LOGAN. 

What Bailey O’Donlan wants this Christmas is for Logan Mitchell, the only man she’s ever loved, to disappear before he learns her secret. 

She’s not asking much. After all, Mitch has disappeared before. Bailey’s seen neither hide nor hair of him in eight long years, ever since the Christmas Eve she climbed through his bedroom window with stars in her eyes. 

Instead, what she gets is one stray golden retriever, one conga-dancing basset hound with nervous gas, four kittens, and two brothers who can’t wait to meddle in her life. 

Rich and successful, Logan has come home to stay, and to escape from being Society magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelor. Ever since the magazine hit the newsstands, he’s been getting letters. And not just your typical fan mail kinds of letters, either. He’s getting marriage proposals by the truckload, and strange women are asking him to father their children. He’s got pictures of women in all manner of dress and some not dressed at all. 

When Bailey embarrasses him in front of their friends, he foolishly accepts a bet offered by Bailey’s brother Greg–that Logan can make Bailey fall in love with him again before Christmas day. But Logan’s plans to win Bailey over get completely derailed when he learns that she’s already in love–with the man who left her with a broken heart and a young daughter. 

The O’Donlan clan has another agenda, however, and it’s not long before Bailey and Logan square off with super-soakers, bologna and brussels sprout casseroles, beer-drenched shirts, a freakish late night pizza delivery, secret decoder rings, a mob of big-haired women, and some wild entertainment called Foreplay. 

So what’s going to happen when Logan finds out that Bailey’s daughter is his? 
Reviews: 18 4.5 out of 5 stars Rone award nominee / USA Today Review

Loving Logan is about second chances. Second chances at love. And at life. I wrote this book when my husband was diagnosed with cancer (he is now in remission, yay!) and I wanted something light to work on. If you’ve read this story, you’ll also note a pet theme throughout. All of the pets I’ve had over the last two decades have been rescues, including my German shepherd, Harley. He’s big, he’s furry, he’s loud and bossy. Next to my husband, he is my very best friend. He gives me unconditional love and he’s taught me a lot about humility and loyalty.

It doesn’t matter where we live, whether I’m smart or pretty, fat or thin, strong or weak, rich or poor, happy or moody, Harley will always love me. He has made me a better person, the kind of person he believes me to be rather than the person I often think I am. When I am sad, he makes me smile. When I cry, he is my comfort. When I am lonely, he is at my side. When I am happy, he celebrates my joy — with the wag of his tail, a twinkle in his eye, a bounce in his step, and yes, even a smile on his face. I gave him my heart and he gave me his. Love is most definitely a four-legged word. I hope you enjoy the pet antics in Loving Logan.
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Reviews for Loving Logan

Why you should read it: Loving Logan has a sweet, snappy, impish energy that makes for a fun, fast read and a solidly enticing start to what I hope will be the first of many stories featuring the O’Donlan family. Bryan’s characters are pleasantly unpredictable — Logan is successful and smart-alecky, but he’s also thoughtful, insecure and refreshingly ready to settle down and begin a family — not realizing he got a jumpstart on that eight years ago. Bailey is struggling with her own insecurities, which contrast nicely against her poise as an entertainer at her uncle’s bar and her confidence as a single mother. Logan and Bailey are not the most respectful toward each other, but that seems to be their shtick — their love language, if you will.

Logan jerked back, teeth clenched. How could he have ever thought it might be possible to have an adult truce with a woman holding an eight-year grudge, and who still thought it was appropriate behavior to dump beer on someone? “Let me know if I can buy you another drink. Maybe get you a Midol.”

Ouch. But don’t worry — in this snippet where Bailey’s giving herself a talking-to, you can see she doesn’t fight fair, either:

No lies, Bailey. If he asks, dodge the question, change the subject, show him your boobs.

The reader knows right away how Logan wronged Bailey, but the author keeps Bailey’s transgression an intriguing secret for a good half of the story. The truth is heartbreaking, in more ways than one. At times Logan and Bailey both tend toward childishness, and there’s more stubborn in this story than there is Guinness in a pub, but you’ll never stop rooting for them. And there’s so much lovely smolder.

I especially enjoyed the Irish family feel — the overprotectiveness of Bailey’s brothers, the caring and camaraderie and even the occasional skirmish. And Bryan’s cast of critters will thoroughly charm you. Meet Bailey’s adopted basset hound:

Bailey’s gaze locked on Chumley, lying flat out, his extra skin pooled around him like a black and tan puddle, both paws draped melodramatically around an empty dog food bowl, with a look of injured reproach on his face.

See what I mean? Love, lust, laughter and the luck of the Irish — this heart-catching contemporary has it all. If Katie Bryan isn’t planning to make Loving Logan part of a series, I just might have to start a petition.



Chumley, apparently, did not like the smell of soap. Bailey grunted, gave one last push and shoved him face-first into the shower stall. This time she managed to slide the glass door closed before he could escape for the third time. She would’ve tried a bath, but no way would she ever be able to lift both ends into the tub at once.

She shifted the shower nozzle so the stream of water hit Chumley square in the middle of the back. He looked over his shoulder and gave her a peeved look.

“Now that was a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.   You’ll feel better once this is over, I promise.” After pouring a generous amount of the doggie shampoo she’d gotten for Shamus the day before into her hand, she smeared it into Chumley’s fur. What didn’t droop, either dangled, sagged, or creased.   Good grief, she thought, this dog has enough wrinkles to outfit a nursing home.

“Dog, you need Botox,” she muttered as she scrubbed, making sure to scratch behind the dog’s ears, and after a couple of minutes, Chumley seemed to forgive her and stood still under the warm spray.

Boy, this dog is a lard-o. “Chumley, you’ve got to take up an extracurricular activity besides eating.   Like ultimate Frisbee or Zumba.”   The dog humphed, grunted, and passed gas right into the confined shower. Bailey gagged. “Oh! Eew! Jeez!”

Chumley turned soulful brown eyes toward her and she just didn’t have the heart to say anything more, so instead she concentrated on getting the dog clean and breathing through her mouth without drowning.

Note to self. Chumley gets nervous gas in small, wet, enclosed spaces. Buy Beano.  

Without warning, the dog tensed, crouched, his legs started to tremble, his butt started to quiver, then he wound up, starting from the right, and shook like a junkie coming off heroin. His ears flapped like he was revving for takeoff, and soap bubbles flew everywhere, most of which went right into Bailey’s wide open mouth.

Well, she thought, the dog had a great sense of timing. She rinsed out her mouth, then rinsed Chumley, and then washed herself as he stood by with an exasperated look of disbelief. “Oh, stop. Don’t get hysterical.”

Bailey turned off the taps, grabbed the towel hanging over the shower door and fastened it around herself, then opened the door to reach for the towel on the counter for Chumley. The second the door slid open, he bolted into the middle of the room and shook once again, scattering a plethora of water over Logan’s sink, mirror, toothbrush, and shaving gear.

He’ll get over it, she thought, and didn’t care because Chumley was hers and she loved him. Although, she had to admit she loved him a whole lot more now that he was clean.

After she finished drying him, she dried herself and slipped on a pink terry cloth robe, then opened the bathroom door.

Chumley made a mad dash for freedom, zoomed through the bedroom, hit the hardwood floor, lost traction, and slid like a bowling ball run amok. He caromed off one wall, pancaked into the other, and finally slowed to a halt at the corner of the living room.

Logan was leaning against the wall, relaxed, carefree and curious. “What did you do, give him Prozac?”

His grin was a killer, her pulse kicked up in response, and she told herself to quit admiring the man’s teeth. “He’s clean, it’s time for his blaze of glory.”

“Looked more like the slide of shame.”

“Skidding. He was skidding. Much faster than walking. He’s efficient.”

“And here I thought all he’d be good for was a big doggie doorstop.” Logan stared down at the dog. “And what’s he doing now, yoga? Contemplating throwing himself off a bridge maybe?”

“Probably hoping the kittens aren’t around.   Cats can be cruel about things like this.”

Chumley stood, gave one mighty shake, stuck his nose in the air and waddled off.

“That dog is morose.”

“Aye, must be the gas. He’s a butt whistler.”

“Great. Remind me to grab some air freshener next time I’m at the store.”


About the author

As KT Bryan, I’m an action, adventure, and romantic suspense/thriller author who enjoys good wine, great art, Tuscany, and a touch of mayhem. (You never know what you might see when you wake up suddenly in the dark.) I’m the author of TEAM EDGE. My alter ego writes romantic comedy as Katie Bryan. If you like romantic comedy with a Christmas theme, a sexy rich guy, an Irish heroine who mutters in Gaelic, a crazy bet, a long held secret, and lots of pets then chances are, you’ll enjoy LOVING LOGAN. I currently live in Georgia with my family, one overweight German shepherd and three very spoiled cats. I have a varied background in the military, the airlines, antiques, and medicine. My favorite career is writing and sharing stories with readers and fellow writers. Thank you for reading!

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