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A quest has fallen upon Trynt Andrak’s shoulders, tearing him away from everything he loves, but it’s a matter of clan honor.

For Adatha Krytt there is only one dragon, but he has vanished leaving her to pursue her dream of becoming a dragon warrior. Duty is everything until the day comes when Trynt’s quest becomes Adatha’s mission.

His honorable quest has made him a thief. To catch a thief, she must track down the dragon she loves.

Can she fulfill her mission without breaking her heart?

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Long and Short Reviews, 4.5 Stars, Reviewed by Foxglove
“I recommend this for all those who like happy endings and lots of hot dragon passion.”



“Race me to the river?” Adatha Krytt fluttered her golden wings. “I’ve shaved five minutes off my time.”

Dressed in his dragon warrior uniform, Trynt Andrak sat on the spread wing of the headless dragon statue that graced the roof of the Wyryk Temple. The wind generated by her wings ruffled Trynt’s sun-streaked brown hair. Just looking at Trynt made Adatha’s heart flutter faster than her wings.

He grinned. “You know I can beat you without working up a sweat.”

Trynt was the fastest flyer in the Wyryk Mountains. “That’s why I want to race you,” Adatha said. “The warrior training tryouts are next week, and I’ve got to be ready. Shift already and let’s fly.”

“Not today.”

Adatha whipped her long tail and flapped her wings. She executed a four-point turn, banked her right wing and flew a tight pattern around the temple, coming within inches of the tall columns, then swooped over the headless statue without touching a hair on Trynt’s head. Flapping her gossamer wings, she circled around and hovered before the statue. Only accessible from the air, the Greek style temple was built on the top of a mountain. Far below a river snaked through a wide, fertile valley. The dragon clans of the Wyryk Mountains had worshiped here for over ten thousand years.

Trynt clapped his hands together. “Well done.”

Daily, she’d performed the precision maneuvers Trynt had taught her. “Thanks. I’ve been practicing,” Adatha said.

He gave her an approving smile. “I can see you have.”

She’d flown the length of the valley looking for him. Rarely home now that he was a warrior Trynt was usually surrounded by family and friends. Adatha wondered why he was alone and hanging around the temple.

“Teach me something new,” she said, eager to spend time with him.

“Sorry, I don’t have the time.”

“I miss flying with you.”

Trynt’s smile faded. “It’s almost time for the bell game. Relax and have a little fun. You have a fine nose for gold. Use it.”

The traditional bell game had originated in the Fire Mountains. Gold bells were hidden in the forest and the dragon that found the most bells won. The games were very popular. “My friends don’t want me to compete,” she said, snorting smoke. “I always win.”

“Find something to track. Tracking is a good skill for a warrior.”

“How about if I track you? I know I can find you.”

Trynt’s gaze met hers. “Not where I’m going.”

“You’re leaving? Already? You promised to evaluate my progress.”

“You’re ready, Adatha. You don’t need me.”

She needed him. He didn’t know how her heart longed for him. “You just came home yesterday. Why are you leaving so soon? Is your unit being called into action?”

“I’m resigning from the dragon warriors.”

“Resigning? I don’t believe you.” Snapping her wings, she executed a head-over-tail roll and did a pinpoint landing on the roof of the temple. “We were going to serve together. I don’t understand.”

“I can’t explain.”

Adatha lowered her horned head and looked into Trynt’s brilliant green eyes. “You know I’m good at keeping secrets. Why are you resigning from the warriors?”

Trynt looked at the sheared neck of the statue.

Adatha gasped. “You’re taking up the quest?”

“I have to leave. I’m sorry about the tryouts. I wanted to be there, but I can’t.”

She’d counted on Trynt’s support. He had to be there. Once she was accepted into warrior training, Trynt would have to accept her as an equal. Adatha was tired of being treated like a friend. She wanted Trynt to see her as a woman. She loved him. She knew in her heart that Trynt was her destined mate. If Trynt took up his clan’s quest, she might never see him again. “I don’t care about the tryouts.”

Trynt grabbed her by the horns and drew her whiskered muzzle close to his handsome face. “I care, and you’d better do me proud. Commander Aurumon needs warriors, and you have much required skills. Don’t you dare say you don’t care!”



About the author

BJ McCall lives in sunny California, just steps away from the Pacific Ocean. She loves writing, walking and hanging out at the shore.

She is multi-published and writes in the paranormal, sci-fi, futuristic and contemporary genres. She loves hearing from readers and invites them to contact her through her website,



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Interview with Holly Hewson

HH:  BJ, thank you for talking with us at TRS. You featured book is Caught and is part of your Dragonfire series. What can you tell us about this exciting series?

BJ:  The Dragonfire series is about dragonshifters living within the social structure of their clans while interacting in a world populated by humans. Dragon laws and traditions guide the shifters’ lives, but dragonfire rules their hearts.

Dragonfire, true dragon passion, is only experienced when my dragonshifter characters meet their true mate.

HH: What can you tell us about the books that came before?

BJ: A common tread to the stories are the dragon warriors, an elite dragonshifter army, but each book tells the story of my dragon hero or heroine experiencing dragonfire.

In Captured, my dragon heroine discovers her true mate is her human keeper. In Covert, my dragon heroine finds true love with a man she believes is her sworn enemy. In Chosen, a thousand year old sorcerer’s spell brings two dragonshifters together. In Covenant, an arranged marriage has explosive results.

HH: How does Caught continue the series and will there be more?

BJ: Two young dragons, meant for one another, are torn apart by a quest that had plagued the Andrak clan for two hundred years.

Giving up Adatha is breaking Trynt Andrak’s heart, but for a dragon warrior, honor is everything. When the lovers meet again, their lives have taken very different directions.

Yes, there will be a Dragonfire 6.

HH: What do you like best about Adatha and why will readers identify with her?

BJ: Although Adatha is a young woman, she knows what she wants. She wants Trynt for her mate and she wants to be a dragon warrior. She’s strong and determined, but she also has courage and believes in true love.

HH: What can you tell us about Trynt and why will readers love him?

BJ: Trynt became a dragon warrior, a respected profession for a dragon, to honor his clan and to become a worthy and acceptable mate for Adatha. He loves Adatha and his plan to be her mate is working until his clan selects him to take on the Andrak quest. To complete the quest, Trynt must give up the two things he truly loves, his job and Adatha. He doesn’t want to leave Adatha, but Trynt cannot shame his family or his clan. Before he leaves, Trynt encourages Adatha to forget him and follow her dreams.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

BJ: Nightglow, the third book in my Forever (vampire) series was released. Also, coming soon from Changeling Press is Volume 1 of Spaceport. Scavenger will be part of the box set.

In the fall look for a werewolf story — title and story still in progress.

HH:  For readers just discovering, what work would you recommend they read first?

BJ: Captured is the first book in my Dragonfire series. All the books received great reviews and I’m confident that any reader who likes dragons will enjoy the Dragonfire series.

I also have a vampire series, Forever and a werewolf series Moonlust, available from Changeling Press.

I write sci-fi, paranormal and contemporary books and have published works with Cobblestone Press, eRed Sage and Ellora’s Cave Publishing.

HH: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

BJ:  I enjoyed walking and hiking. I just returned from a hiking vacation in Lassen National Park.

HH:  What are you reading now?

BJ: Northern Lights by Nora Roberts. Listening Woman by Tony Hillerman.

HH: Where can readers find you online?

BJ: My website is and my yahoo group is RedHotRomance.

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