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The last time Justine Eklund had heard from Gray Voss was when he’d agreed to take her to her sister’s wedding. He stood her up. Twelve years later, he’s back in Wyoming as the new owner of Storafalt’s only pharmacy. He didn’t come alone, though. He brought along the small cowboy town’s best-kept secret—his preteen son, Danny.

Gray wants to pick up where he left off. He never stopped loving the beautiful rabble-rouser, and thinks she’ll fit seamlessly into his little family. Justine yearns to reignite that old torch, but she’s wary. She’s not convinced her high school sweetheart will stick around.

Storafalt’s only school is on a rapid decline, so Gray may have no choice but to return Danny to the life they built in Austin. If he goes, there’s no way Justine can go with them. Unlike Gray, she’s rooted too deeply to leave.

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“You have no idea how long I’ve waited to do that.” He skimmed his fingers down her chest, landing his hand possessively on her breast.

“Oh, about fifteen minutes would be my guess.” She swallowed, and moved his roving hand away. Suddenly, she felt very exposed.

She held onto the desk edge for support as he set her feet on the floor. Her legs wobbled like gelatin salad, and her hands shook as she bent for her dress.

“Much longer.” He pinched her ass when she reached for the tangled mass of material, and she stood quickly, turning to him.

She scowled. “Okay. You’ve gotten it out of your system now. One last fling with your high school sweetheart just for old time’s sake, and you’re ready to move on, right?”

She stepped aggressively into her granny panties, feeling somewhat joyous that the man’s attention was on her face and not her poly-cotton blend.

“You know me better than that, Justine. We’ve never been that kind of casual.”

She turned her back to him and concentrated on the catches of her bra. Hard to have a conversation about casualness when his semi-erect cock waved at her with each impatient tap of his foot.

“This is an odd conversation to be having. Don’t get me wrong, when I saw your face, all that old lovey-dovey shit came rushing back, and that’s why I followed you.” She stepped into her homespun dress, and a bit of her courage returned now that all her skin was covered up.

Meanwhile, he made no movements to dress—he just leaned his ass against the desk edge and crossed his arms.

“You don’t have a leg to stand on in this conversation. I haven’t heard from you in twelve years. This—” She gave her arm a demonstrative sweep indicating themselves and the room. “This is casual. Having sex with people you’re not involved with is casual.”

“I’d like us to be involved.”

“Are you on drugs?” She closed her eyes and cringed. Probably a bad joke to make to a pharmacist. “Don’t answer that.”

She finished buttoning her dress.

At that, he finally moved, slowly and sinuously, toward his clothes.

She watched as if he were some sort of exotic cat she’d only ever seen in books.

He’d always been gorgeous, but he’d grown into that lankiness he’d had as a young man, and now he looked delightfully athletic. He certainly seemed strong enough, judging by the way he’d picked her up so easily and dropped her onto his desk.

He eyed her, his expression a curiously blank mask as he dressed. “I’m not on drugs, Justine. I meant it. Why couldn’t we pick up where we left off? Give me one good reason.”

Bells chimed at the pharmacy’s front door, and a boyish voice queried, “Dad? You here? I need more money.”


Gray’s jaw twitched.

“Dad, huh? Well, there’s a reason.”

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About the author

Holley Trent writes contemporary and paranormal romances ranging from sensual from erotic. Although she’s a Southerner at heart, she currently resides on the Colorado Front Range. She writes about geeks, country boys, and incubi…sometimes all at once. Learn more about her work at holleytrent.com.


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Interview with Holly Hewson

HH:  Holley, thank you for talking with us at TRS. You featured book is Back to Storafalt. What can you tell us about this exciting new release?

HT: Thanks for having me! Back to Storafalt is part of Musa Publishing’s Finally Ever After imprint—a line of reunion and second-chance romance novellas. My story happens to tie into the world of one of my earlier released novesl Teaching the Cowboy, but you don’t have to read one to enjoy the other. In fact, every story in the Finally Ever After line stands alone.

In my story, I pair up a jilted hometown girl, Justine, with the guy who stood her up years ago. It was for a good reason…or at least, the hero Gray thinks so. The story is set in a small cowboy town in Wyoming.

HH:  What do you like best about Justine and why will readers identify with her?

HT: Justine just has her head screwed on right. She’s steadfast and empathetic, but she’s not going to take garbage from anyone (her mother taught her better than that).

HH:  What can you tell us about Gray and why will readers love him?

HT: Gray’s the town pharmacist and he has a bit of a one-track mind as far as Justine is concerned. He’s super charismatic, and a damned good dad. He tries hard.

HH:  How does this release differ from your other works?

HT: It’s pretty similar to most of my stories in that there’s a strong external conflict for both characters, but what makes it different is that it had to be completely self-containing. I didn’t introduce any strong secondary characters to spin off into a new book or lay any sequel bait. ;)

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

HT: I’ve always got a few projects in the works. I have another story set in the Storafalt world coming out in a charity anthology coming in early August. It’s called Love on Delivery and it’s a short story—a one-sitting read.

I’ve also got a Christmas story idea percolating in my head (who doesn’t love cowboys at Christmas?), but the rub would be getting it out on time.

HH:  For readers just discovering, what work would you recommend they read first?

HT: Actually, I’d say start with Back to Storafalt. It’s very typical of my style. It’s sassy and has some sizzle. I’m a big fan of sarcasm in my romances, but this story is very digestible for readers who like their humor more overt.

HH: What goals have you set for yourself at this point in your career?

HT: Really, I just want to get better with each book—and that’s something that I can actually control.

HH: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

HT: I like to watch television (I’m a big home and garden show junkie), but very rarely do my children let me. So, I hole up and read. Thank goodness for backlit e-readers.

HH: What are you reading now?

HT: I’m about to finish Sam Cheever’s Purple Prose which is a quirky light paranormal romance novella, and then I have some contest books to judge. I can’t name those for obvious reasons.

HH: Where can readers find you online?

HT:  My full backlist of titles is available at http://www.holleytrent.com.

My blog: http://www.holleytrent.com/blog

Learn about my Storafalt stories at http://www.welcometostorafalt.com.

Subscribe to my contemporary romance new release alert emails at http://eepurl.com/KITcb.

Other places to find me:

Facebook: http://www.holleytrent.com/writerholleytrent

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/holleytrent

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